Tips for Lawn Renewal
and Renovation

Fall is the perfect time to help your lawn recover from the stresses of summer and prepare for winter. The warm soil and cooler temperatures promote root growth and thickening of the lawn

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Aerating Your Lawn


Aeration is the removal of a small core of soil or the punching of a thin hole into the soil. Clay soils and lawns that bear heavy foot traffic are especially notorious for needing aeration as they become compacted over time.

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Your lawn breathes just like you do. It exchanges gases with the atmosphere as it grows. Aeration is a maintenance practice that many homeowners overlook, but one that should be incorporated into every lawn care regime for a thicker, healthier lawn.

Core Lawn Aeration alleviates compaction, encourages the uptake of nutrients and oxygen and helps to breakdown thatch. It is recommended to core aerate cool season turf species in the fall and warm season grasses in the spring.

lawn aeration
Benefits of Aeration:
  • Alleviates soil compaction
  • Improves drainage
  • Encourages deep root growth
  • Reduces weeds
  • Increases fertilizer uptake
  • Prevents thatch

Seeding & Fertilizing:

Immediately following aeration, your lawn is ripe for seeding and fertilization. The holes provide excellent soil exposure for seeds and deliver fertilizer directly to the roots of your grass.

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